ИП "Скляров Роман Сергеевич"

Страна Россия

Область Свердловская область

Город Екатеринбург

Grain Deal company - helps companies from China, Kenya, South Africa, Qatar, Oman and many other countries to establish partnerships with the largest Russian Agricultural holdings

Our task is to create reliable, long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with each partner and satisfy their demand for Russian grain exports

We will help to agree on the necessary terms of delivery, we will reserve volumes, select the best options for logistics chains and monitor compliance with contractual obligations


Grain Deal - 我们帮助来自中国、肯尼亚、南非、卡塔尔、阿曼和许多其他国家的公司与俄罗斯最大的农业控股公司建立伙伴关系




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