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Greetings! If you are the owner of any object in any way related to fruits and vegetables or other food products, then we know about your problem with purchasing and all other related problems. We will help with all this, leave this headache behind! Wide range, highest quality, large list of customers with names, etc. Any payment methods, we work with/without VAT, on any terms. Call, consultation is free!

We welcome everyone! We sell oranges/lemons/tangerines/apples at wholesale prices! We are ready to cooperate with stores, establishments, tenders√ We work officially√ Large and small wholesale√ Free delivery within the city√ Oranges produced in Pakistan: • Juicy sweet (Guarantee) • Fresh harvest! • There is no marriage at all! For complete information contact WhatsApp number

Wholesale sale of oranges from 1 ton, delivery throughout Kazakhstan, inexpensive. For availability and price please contact us in PM