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Maize is a new, easy-to-use herbicide designed to simplify the post-emergence control of perennial, annual grass and dicotyledonous weeds in corn crops.

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There are different herbicides. Advance Agris Scoot Forte Terex Cytohumate Belisimo Scout forte is a systemic herbicide. The herbicide is effective against annual cereal weeds (oats, millet, bristle grass species). Cytohumate: For use in environmentally friendly organic farming and plant growing - for agrotechnical treatment (dressing and soaking) of seed material, seedlings, seedlings and treatment (root and foliar feeding) of any plants (spraying) during the growing season according to the phenophases of development on various types of soils ( SHP/LPH) When used correctly, it solves the following problems: Accelerates seed germination and growth energy; Promotes the development of a powerful root system of plants; Provides increased resistance of plants to unfavorable environmental factors - low temperature, poor lighting, lack of moisture; Increases the efficiency of plants’ absorption of minerals and microelements, which makes it possible to reduce the consumption rates of pesticides, herbicides and mineral fertilizers when growing agricultural products by 20-30%; Activation of nutrient transport and improvement of plant nutrition; Stimulates the development of all soil microorganisms, which promotes intensive restoration/formation of humus; Provides an increase in yield by 25-40% (for some crops up to 150%) and a reduction in ripening time, as well as a reduction in the cost of the crop; Improves the quality of grown products: the content of vitamins, protein, starch, nucleic acids and sugars increases; for grain: increase in gluten by an average of 3%, increase in glassiness by 6%. Binds products of technogenic pollution, ensures environmental cleanliness of products

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Maize duo. Post-emergence herbicide for the control of cereal and dicotyledonous weeds in corn crops. effective against most cereals and dicotyledonous weeds replaces pre-sowing and pre-emergence treatment with herbicides provides a protective effect throughout the entire growing season extended range of application periods (up to 6 leaves for corn) does not impose restrictions on crop rotation economical in use due to the low consumption rate Active ingredient: rimsulfuron, 250 g/kg. Preparative form: dry flowing suspension. Chemical class: sulfonylurea derivatives. Mechanism of action: Maize is absorbed by weed leaves and quickly moves throughout the plant to growth points, where it blocks acetolactate synthase, which is necessary for the synthesis of essential amino acids - leucine, isoleucine and valine. As a result, cell division stops, growth stops and weed death occurs. Spectrum of herbicidal activity: Maize has a very wide spectrum of herbicidal activity. Sensitive cereal weeds - humai, foxtail, common wild oat, chicken millet, hairy millet (2 leaves), chaff (species), creeping wheatgrass, crabgrass (2 leaves), timothy grass (species), bristle grass (species). Sensitive dicotyledonous weeds - field thistle, common vetch, small-flowered galinsoga, field mustard, grasshopper (species), common cocklebur, smokeweed, common chickweed, Theophrastus's rope, common groundsel, creeping buttercup, self-seeded poppy, shepherd's purse, tenacious bedstraw, common pickleweed, wild radish, chamomile (species), marsh chickweed, sorrel (species), amaranth (species), field grass, jasmine (species). Speed of action: a few hours after treatment, the weeds stop growing, after 2 - 3 days visible symptoms of the herbicidal action appear, and after 5 - 15 days complete death occurs. Symptoms of exposure: redness, chlorosis, necrosis and deformation of leaves. Period of protective action: 3 weeks in humid conditions. Terms of application and application rate: Maize should be applied in the 2-6 leaf phase of corn at a dosage of 50 g/ha against annual and perennial cereal weeds. In this case, annual grasses should be at the stage of 1–4 leaves (hair millet and crabgrass at the stage of 1–2 leaves), and perennial grasses should be 10–20 cm high. Dicotyledonous weeds at the time of treatment should be at the stage of 4–6 leaves, thistle – in the socket phase. 40 g/ha of Maize should be applied in the absence of perennial and overgrown annual weeds. Fractional application of Maize: involves 2 treatments. The first spraying is carried out in the phase of up to 3 leaves for cereals and no more than 4 leaves for dicotyledonous weeds with a Maize application rate of 30 g/ha. The second treatment is carried out on a new “wave” of weeds with a consumption rate of 20 g/ha. Application technology: Maize is always used with the surfactant Bit 90, which improves the penetration of the drug into the weeds. Recommended concentration of Bit 90 in the working solution is 0.1% (100 ml per 100 l of solution). In case of drought, as well as high numbers of weeds and the presence of millet, a dosage of Maize of 50 g/ha should be used. The consumption of the working solution must be increased to 300 l/ha, while the dosage of Bit 90 must be increased to 0.3 l/ha. Do not apply Maize if the night before application the temperature has dropped below +60C or if the temperature on the day of application or the next day is expected to rise above +250C. Plants that are wet with dew should not be treated.

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