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Selling an Arabian purebred mare with a passport. The horse is located in the village of Turgen, Almaty region. All details by phone +77015089922 Abubekir I will also sell a Hazenda in the Turgen mountains. Total area 3 hectares. There is water. Light - solar battery. 3 hangars - 10×30m 2.5 km from the central road. Around 500 hectares of pasture. There is a yurt, you can live in winter and summer. You can breed cattle, horses, sheep. Purpose according to documents: for housekeeping. There is a state act, the land is owned!

Selling Arabian thoroughbred stallion with documents. For any questions, please call +77015089922 Abubekir 5,000,000 Tenge cash.

I'm selling a stallion! Novoaltaian, 5 years old. Located in Pavlodar region.

I will sell different thoroughbred ponies of different colors. There are fillies and stallions. Ponies are sociable.

Foals from 7-8 months to 2.5 years. Cost from 300,000 tenge and above to 600,000 tenge (depending on the number of purchased heads, age, gender)

Продам кобылы погуляли от тяжа Bashkir breed 10 goals Carazhal kula bielere For questions, write

Six heads, I will give it to one person, 50 km from Makinsk

There are 1.5-year-old horses. stay in the broth for more than 1.5 months. Obesity and good weight. A 1.5-year-old horse is for sale. It has been in the saddle for more than 1.5 months. The price is 430,000 tenge.

Peasant farm Neufeldt AI (Altai Territory, Blagoveshchenka) offers for sale horses live weight in the amount of 100 head. We have our own quarantine site. Export to the countries of the Customs Union (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan) is possible with the preparation of the necessary documents, including veterinary ones. The farm has a safe veterinary status. Price: 230 rub/kg. Additional information by phone 8-963-505-7804 (Andrey)

Aigyr, large, holds a joint well, 8 years old. Close to the city.