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Export supplies of mineral fertilizers (Urea carbamide 46 ll Urea). Terms of delivery are being discussed. Payment terms - Letter of Credit SBLC Packaging - in bulk. Stands directly from the factory. +7 906 740 74 21 _____________ Export supplies of mineral fertilizers (Urea l Urea46l l Urea). Delivery terms are negotiable. Terms of payment - Letter of credit SBLC Packaging - in bulk. Stands directly from the factory. +7 906 740 74 21

Urea grade B, UREA 46 - nitrogen fertilizer 46% Produced in Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan. Sales for Export from 20,000 tons per month, on CIF, FOB terms. PRICE IS INDICATED CIF port Mersin Turkey (prices vary) Calculation to other ports upon request (LOI) CALL with questions, we will discuss. Urea grade B - nitrogen fertilizer 46% Production Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan. Sale for Export from 12500 tons per month, on CIF, FOB terms. Price 30000 R/ton FOB Ust-Luga!!! PRICE $ 375 CIF to the port of Mersin Türkiye ( Prices change, PLEASE SPECIFY) Calculation to other ports on request (LOI) CALL for questions, we will discuss.

Urea grade B, Gazprom Neftekhim Salavat bags-50kg

Urea grade B, produced in Russia, in stock and to order. Also sending wagons to the client's railway dead end. Full package of documents. Loading trucks onto KamAZ trucks, etc. We work for Honor and Conscience. Price and other questions of interest to the specified phone number or the same WhatsApp number.

ТОО Kanuze Group осуществляет прямые поставки от заводов производителей из Узбекистана, следующей товарной линейки: - Известь Не Гашенная Комовая - Известь Гидратная Гашенная (Пушонка) - Карбамид Марка Б Высшего сорта - Аммиачная Селитра Марка А и Б - НПК ( Комплекс Минеральных Удобрений) - Сульфат Натрия Марка А Высшего сорта - Сульфид Натрия (Чешуйчатая) - Кальцинированная Сода Марка А и Б Высшего сорта. По поводу партии уточнять.

Карбамид, Аммофос, Селитра производства Узбекистан, Казахстан. Россия. 300 $/тонна. По поводу партии уточнять.

Urea grade “B” is used on all types of soils and for all agricultural crops as a basic, pre-sowing fertilizer and as a top dressing. It is used in the cultivation of rice, for foliar feeding of vegetable and fruit crops, as well as for late feeding of wheat in order to increase the protein content in the grain. When applied mainly to the soil, its effectiveness is not inferior to ammonium nitrate. On the day of sowing, urea can be mixed with superphosphate and potassium chloride. Urea is resistant to leaching, which is important for areas with irrigated agriculture, and can be applied to the soil, both in solid form and in the form of solutions with other liquid nitrogen fertilizers. Don't look at the price. Prices on request.

Urea B (Urea), UREA 46%. Export. FOB Black Sea. price: 365 usd/t.

We export urea from Russia and Turkmenistan to any country in the world under any conditions! Any volume FOB or CIF Bulk or packaged For cash and under a letter of credit At the moment, urea 46 FOB Russia UralChem $285 CIF is calculated after providing the LOI Email Ya130802@mail.ru Whatsapp 89270299232 Evgeniy

Компания предлагает к продаже Карбамид марки Б Производства Газпромнефть Салават Тара: 50кг мешки Цена для продажи на условиях доставки до Таджикистан: 1. СРТ Худжанд 380$ 2. CРТ Ханака 385$ 3. DDP станция Сороковая 158тыс тенге 4. DDP Актобе/Женишке 155тыс тенге Все вопросы и предложения писать на почту Info@alfats.kz