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Feed corn seeds from Monsanto DKS 5404 FAO 500, ripening period 105-110 days. Grain yield per hectare is 11-15 tons. Suitable for growing as green mass. 70-75 thousand seeds are sown per 1 hectare. Packing - a bag of 50 thousand seeds.

Selling sainfoin seeds, purity 99%, germination rate 96%. Harvest 2023. Located in the village of Shortandy, Akmola region. When purchasing seeds, I will provide detailed consultation on preparing the soil before sowing and the technology of planting sainfoin seeds for fodder and seed purposes. To clarify regarding the party.

We sell seeds of Silphia piercefolia. Variety "First Belarusian" RS-1. The main advantages of Silphia pierced-leaved High-yielding crop. - capable of producing 1000 or more centners/ha for two cuttings. 2. Cultivated in one place for up to 15-20 years - saving up to 1000 BYN. rub./ha per year due to the lack of tillage and chemical treatments. 3. Environmentally friendly: - not damaged by diseases and pests, from the 2nd year of life it inhibits any weeds, which means it does not require the application of expensive pesticides. - an excellent honey plant. - improves soil structure. 4. Easily tolerates spring and autumn frosts down to -5 -6 0C. 5. Tolerates 10-15 days of flooding. 6. Frost-resistant crop, tolerates winter well. 7. In terms of protein content, the green mass of silphium is close to legumes. The content of crude protein and carotene is twice as high as corn, contains 13-23% sugars, 17 amino acids, macro and microelements. In terms of yield of green mass, silphium exceeds the main fodder crops by 1.5-3 times. The long-term high productivity of the crop makes it possible to obtain feed at a low cost. The cost of feed units for silphium is 2-4 times lower than for corn, perennial and annual grasses. 250 $/kilogram Delivery terms: EXW Smorgon

Magnetic alfalfa The agricultural company sells seeds of annual and perennial grasses, as well as forage crops. Alfalfa seeds are available in large quantities. Alfalfa seeds have undergone two-stage cleaning using a Petkus seed cleaner and magnetic cleaning (from weeds and other impurities) and are ready for sowing. We work throughout Kazakhstan and the CIS and are open to mutually beneficial cooperation. Any form of payment, we will provide all the necessary documents. For large volumes the price is negotiable. Also available: sainfoin seeds, sudanese seeds, safflower seeds, barley seeds, trifolin (triphalin) for cleaning seeds. For detailed information, you can call/write to WhatsApp.

For sale wheatgrass seeds variety Batyr 1 reproduction with delivery, sainfoin, brome (brome), Sudanese grass (Sudanese). Millet.

STEM AGRO LLP sells Sudanese grass seeds: varieties Kinelskaya 100, Izumrudnaya, Brodskaya 2

STEM AGRO LLP sells sainfoin seeds of the sandy variety! Sudan grass seeds Yellow sweet clover seeds Zheat grass, alfalfa

Italian Soybean Seeds for sale. Fruiting period is 6-7 years. Pressed shop price is 600-700. If 1 hectare is irrigated, it is harvested 4-5 times in 1 year. 1 bag is 25 kilos.

Decalb fodder corn seeds from Monsanto, hybrid DKS 6777 FAO 700. Market leader in fodder corn, 15-18 tons of grain per hectare, ideal for silage. The height of the plant exceeds 4 m, the ripening period is 125-135 days. 65-75 thousand seeds are needed per 1 hectare. Packing - a bag of 50 thousand seeds.

With a refined Pectus apparatus. Magnetized. Production time is 5-6 years. CERTIFICATE. The rate of yield of pressed grass is 600-700 in the climate of the Republic of Kazakhstan.