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Russian electric separator Capacity 50.0 l/h Bowl volume 5.5 l Bowl diameter 33.0 cm Power 220.0 W

LLC "ZEO" ASTYK" Sells - belt, buckets, elevators, gravity equipment, separators, scalperators, trier blocks, chain conveyor, belt conveyor. And much more, check prices with managers.

I will sell a used milk separator in good condition, in Almaty. You can check the price of the separator in a personal message.

Electric separator "Neptune" is designed for milk processing. The result is skim milk and cream. During the processing process, the product is cleaned of contaminants. Technical characteristics of the Neptune separator Milk receiver capacity: 5.5 l. Processing speed: no less than: 50 l/hour, depending on the set fat content of the cream. Range of regulation of volume ratios of cream to skim milk: from 1:4 to 1:10 Fat content in skimmed milk no more than: 0.05% Temperature of separated milk: 40-45 °C Power supply: 220 V +- 10%, 50 Hz Power consumption : no more than 60 W Specific electricity consumption: does not exceed 0.001 kW/hour per 1 kilogram of processed products Operating mode: intermittently with a break of 10 minutes after 30 minutes of operation Drum rotation speed: 12,000 rpm Net weight: 3.5 kg Manufacturer: "Neptune", Stavropol, Russia! There are also different models available..!

Selling a new separator, bought in February, used once. The separator is excellent, flowing 100 liters per hour. bought for 50,000 thousand, will sell for 45,000 thousand.

The Motor Sich 100-19 cream separator is designed for separating whole milk into cream and skim milk while simultaneously removing contamination. The separator parts are made of impact-resistant polycarbonate and have a number of advantages: they do not corrode; the color does not change over time and does not require touch-up; dampen vibration of high frequencies; do not become deformed due to careless handling; much easier to clean from dairy products and contaminants; increase electrical safety several times.

Grain separator Petkus 547 527 noria T 205 trier block Petkus K 236 were not in operation