02.05.2024, 15:25

Kazakhstan builds reservoirs: measures against drought and flooding in rural areas


Kazakhstan has launched a large-scale project to build 20 new reservoirs to collect floodwaters and thus reduce the risk of flooding in 70 rural communities. The measure will also reduce the country's dependence on water resources from neighboring countries by 25%, according to Moldir Abdualiyeva, spokeswoman for the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation.


The new reservoirs will help address water shortages among agrarians, especially in drought-stricken southern regions, the ministry said. The commissioning of these facilities will provide an additional 250,000 hectares of land with irrigation, which will significantly increase the agricultural capacity of the region.


Construction of water reservoirs is included in the Concept of Water Resources Management System Development for the period from 2024 to 2030. At the first stage, the project envisages the creation of facilities in Akmola, West Kazakhstan, Zhambyl, Kyzylorda, Turkestan provinces, as well as in the Zhetisu region. At the moment, the construction of one reservoir has already been completed in Turkestan province, and in the districts of Baidibek and Tolebi, work has begun on the construction of the Baidibek-ata and Karakuys reservoirs.


In addition, the Ministry is developing design and estimate documentation for the construction of eight more reservoirs and plans to reconstruct 15 existing facilities with a total volume of 2 billion cubic meters. These actions are aimed at sustainable development of water resources and improving the safety of life of the population in the zone of potential flood risks.